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Frequently Asked Questions

You are in the prototype stage why should I try your services?

1.  It is free right now as we get feedback and build the product  2. There is almost no time commitment.  3. You will have our team and stage 1.0 logtech working on your behalf to find supplies of a lower price and/or higher quality and availability.  

How does this add value for us?

Hiring us as on demand third party searching for inventory on your behalf is a way to lighten your workload while avoiding gaps in supply fulfillment.  The on demand structure of is designed to act as a procurement redundancy layer, be cash flow efficient for your company, and relieve your team.  If you have one or more W-2s in house we can work in parallel, or we can become your main procurement system. 

What will you do for us specifically?

Our database and public information sources keep getting larger and more sophisticated.  We couple relentlessly and professionally tracking down supplies and inventory by hand as well as with automation; Calling, emailing, following up, going through lists, scouring large datasets, finding closeout inventory when appropriate, finding backup products when appropriate, and following up more.  Then, we will hand off the communications to your team.

How much does it cost to use for my company's sourcing?

Right now there is no cost we are in the testing and validation phase.  Eventually it will either be a monthly retainer based on the number of procurement intake form requests or a bounty only payable if successful at procuring requested inventory. 

What is the contract duration with

You can cancel at anytime. 

What does the communications process and workflow look like between us and

We will email your contact person(s) intake forms to fill out your procurement requests: quantities, timelines, price range, and everything pertinent to the process.  Then, we will alert you of progress and updates by email, text, and phone according to your preferences.  If we do not think that we have a reasonable likelihood of fulfilling an intake form request we will also alert you.  We can also setup direct slack and email communications with your preferred team members.

How much do you touch the process from demand planning to procurement to logistics, RFQs, vetting, and last mile etc.?

Version 1.0 for now is strictly us tracking down supplies, getting basic info from you and the other party/parties and handing it off to you from there.  Version 2.0 will have tiered levels of service where you can have us touch the process even more such as arranging 3PL, vetting suppliers, demand planning, and maintaining communications with third parties until delivery.